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Files and information for Miller Solar Clients, existing and prospective. All others: please do not use these resources. If you see something you might find useful here and you are not in contact with Miller Solar, please ask before you download it.

Introductory letter for new off-grid clients.

Pros and cons of battery backup in grid-connected systems.

Cheat sheets. Step By Step Instructions for Operating Off-Grid Systems.

Custom Manuals. Abbreviated, annotated use manuals for some off-grid equipment. These manuals are remove unnecessary information and leave only what end-users need.

White paper on battery maintenance.

Load studies for off-grid and battery backup clients.

WARNING TO PG&E CUSTOMERS: In early 2021 PG&E sent out letters to some customers that have solar electric systems trying to convince them to change to new electric rates. The letter indicates these customers will automatically have their rates changed if they do not reply. The new options are TOU-C or TOU-D.

If you have had your system for longer than a few years, your rate is likely E-1. There is no benefit to changing to the new rates-- it is a scam. If you are E-1, your base rate is about 0.25 per kWh now. With the new plans the rates go to 0.38 to 0.42 per kWH depending on the time of day. They have also tweaked the peak period so your afternoon solar production no longer gives you any leverage. I strongly suggest you mail that flyer back to PG&E by May 18, 2021 and select keeping your existing rate. Do not wait, and scan it with your selection made for your records and check your bill to see you stay on E-1.

If your rate is E-6 and your system is sized properly, you are better off not changing rates.