Installing Solar Electric Since 1983



Below are a series of photos from a ground-mount installation approved by the County of San Luis Obispo. This installation was not done by Miller Solar. This is a ground mount system with PV feeders that likely exceed 400 volts DC. The array is completely accessible, there is no fencing. Note the ease with which one can walk up to the wiring and touch it. Note also the proliferation of sharp edges that can damage the wiring insulation. Note also the similarity between the solar racking structure and a jungle gym.
The County of SLO allows this type of installation. Please see this page for details of the applicable code citations and documentation of our dialog with the County of San Luis Obispo in trying to get the County to enforce the codes.
See this page on how we have developed appropriate techniques for protecting the public from exposure to high voltage wiring.
See this page for recent best practices we have developed for wire shielding.
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Cover view of the project. There is no fencing nor was any required by the the County. Remember this system was not installed by Miller Solar. View of conductors.
This view shows how easy it is to walk right up to the array wiring. This lead was draped in the channel but not secured in any way.
Many high voltage leads are readily accessible to the touch. These leads can carry up to 600 volts DC at lethal amperages. The conductors exit EMT without any protection from abrasion.
Again, leads hanging out unsecured. Children can easily access the underside of these arrays. More loose wire.
The wire is not shielded or managed well at all. Even if the wire were managed properly, the question remains: Is wire management the same as wire guarding as required by code.