Installing Solar Electric Since 1983



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Equipment Room. Three Radians and AC Panels on the left. Charge Control and recombiner on the back wall.

AC Panels. To the left is inverter fed, AC recombiner, collecting outputs of inverters and distributing to house sub, pool sub and utility circuits. To the right is Generator Fed panel, distributing generator feed to inverters.

Custom interlock in Inverter Fed panel. In one position, inverters feed panel. In the contrary position, the generator feeds this panel.

Interior of Inverter Fed panel, showing sole AC bonding point.

Outback FM 80 Charge controllers and PV recombiner. The recombiner holds input and output breakers for charge controllers. Once PV feeds are combined, a 250A DC rated breaker controls feed to battery buses.

Dead-front of PV Recombiner showing individual charge control breakers and main PV feed breaker to batteries.

View of the battery room. Batteries are Deka 6-m100-33 flooded cells in 12 volt trays. Total rating of battery array is 5,668 Amp/hours at 48 VDC.

Battery bus bars in separate enclosures. In the negative enclosure is a shunt for two of the three inverters.

View of PV array.

View of PV array.

Back of PV array showing one of three combiners.

Combiner mounted on strut. Note the chase-nipples into the lower strut. The strut supports the combiners and acts as PV wire raceway. Strut closure strips make this work.