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Interesting projects that we'd like to share with you.

25. GFI Nuisance Tripping, solved!

24. Old Creek File

23. Jacobson Red Mountain

22. Another NEM contract PG&E lost: Ms. D Number 2.

21. What's Wrong with the Outback Mate3 and Optics Systems?

20. What's wrong with the SMA 40 series inverters?

19. What's wrong with the Outback GSLC? What we like about them and work-arounds.

18. Do Ground-mounted PV Arrays Require Wire Shielding?

17. Flashed Roof-Attachment Systems. An analysis of various criteria.

16. What's wrong with the Solectria PVI series inverter? Click here to find out.

15. Corrosion to PV and Racking in marine Environments. This study documents problems with an installation on a beach-side home in southern California.

14. POC Question Can we use a dedicated Solar panel to comply with 690.64(B)

13. Mrs. D. Mrs. D installed a grid-tie system but 10 years later she learns that PG&E lost her paperwork.

12. Point of connection. Examples of how a main panel, sub-panel or feeder can be overloaded by excess PV feed.

11. Rogues Gallery. Improbable, unsafe and unreliable installations.

10. Ground fault. A ground fault nearly burns down a warehouse. Analysis on why it happened and how to prevent this type of failure. Also, a study indicating that PV Ground fault systems may be erroneously indicating a PV fault when a non-PV, non-ground fault is occurring.

9. Outback Generator Feed wiring. An option for dual use of the X240 breaker. Breaker 'C' is the X-240 25 amp breaker.

8. Point of Connection. Example of how 690.64 can be applied.

7. Shading Study. Animation of shadow progression from 8:00 AM through 4:00PM, Winter Solstice, San Luis Obispo County. Depicts two installations, each two rows of modules on flat surface. (wmv File)

6. Battery Wiring Options: Explores two options for battery wiring: Traditional cable connections versus buss bar wiring.

5. Cascading SW inverters: One method to interconnect four SW inverters. This has never been tested, so if anyone tries this, let us know how it works out.

4. Data monitoring system: Inexpensive kit used to collect up to 4 channels of data with high resolution.

3. Wind Damaged Pole Mounts:

2. Transformer Dilemma

1. Safety & Accidents