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Remediation of Poor Wire Management in Large Scale PV System

This system was installed in about 2006. There was little effort to secure PV wire other than bundling the cables and tying with nylon cable ties. Even UV resistant cable ties will fail sooner rather than later. The leads are hanging down and some are catching in the single-axis tracker bushings, arcing and then dangling with energized conductors exposed. We are developing a method of tying up the leads permanently using readily available stainless cable clips.

Below are some photos of the situation and of our preliminary efforts to design an easy, efficient method to resolve the problem. Click on any thumb-nail for a high resolution image.

Here are links to some of the products we are using:



Nine Fasteners

Here is a drawing of our preliminary wire routing. Note this is subject to change. The goal is to establish a simple step-by-step procedure that is repeatable for each and every string. Note also that for safety, the firs step will be to disconnect the negative home run. This isolates the reference to the metallic parts to minimize electrocution hazard. Note also that PPE is required due to the high voltage present.