Installing Solar Electric Since 1983


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Overview of system. From Left: Two 8kW radians, GSLC as PV recombiner, 3 charge-controllers, Unigy battery array.
System before we rework.
Layout of breaker panels and inverters. We do not install AC breakers in GSLC panels as they are difficult to work on with connections in the back. WE do not use pre-wired panels as these do not meet our standards for workmanship.
AC Breaker panels. Left is inverter output with bypass interlocks. Right is generator fed.
Close up of custom CNC-made interlock. This allows choice of inverter feed o generator feed without the possibility of turning on the wrong combination of breakers.
Class T Fuses to protect wiring to/from inverters and PV recombiner.
Interior of GSLC without AC breakers. This is much superior to the problem of wiring breakers with connections on the back.
There are no adequate off-the-shelf PV recombiners. We repurpose a GSLC cabinet to do this. In order to deal with back connections on breakers, we create a wire loom that allows the panel to be hinged down for install or service.
We use galvanized steel strut to support combiners. Since the strut is already in place and is allowed to be used as a raceway we take advantage of them. The strut is covered with closure strip after wiring is installed.
We provide all of our customers with custom-generated cheat sheets for common and outage-response operations.