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License Number 773985


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Photos and descriptions of serious code and safety violations.

This installation is on Alrita St., San Luis Obispo, California.

The circuit breaker indicated is a garden variety SquareD QO breaker rated at 45VDC. The DC system voltage is about 450VDC. This is a fire hazard and a violation of the NEC.

These circuit breakers are part of an AC combiner. They are configured wrong in several ways: the handles are not tied, the leads from one inverter go to one top and one bottom breaker instead of to one set and those are low voltage signal wires without high voltage insulation. These are all safety and NEC violations.

The gland connector on top of this box has more than one wire and allowed water into the box. Rust can be seen in the box.

The ground wire is installed incorrectly and violates the NEC in several ways: The wire is too small to be run unsupported and the use of aftermarket clips is not allowed. The clip is severely corroded.

Home made hold down clip. This may release in a heavy wind, allowing the module to blow off of the roof.

Shadow from satellite dish. A shadow this small can severely reduce the output of a PV string.

The inverter manufacturer suggests that the inverters not be placed in direct sun. The heat sink fins on the top require shade for adequate cooling.