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Interpreting e-Gauge Displays
e-Gauge is a full-featured AC Energy Monitoring system. We use e-Gauge because of the following reasons:


Full featured
Easily configurable
Easy to understand display


Does not completely accommodate off-grid systems.

Below are links to graphics that show the features of the home screen of an e-Gauge system set up for Grid-tied and Off-Grid systems.


  1. Feel free to browse around the display.  Without a password you cannot break the system.
  2. The e-Gauge platform is primarily intended for grid-tied systems and is not totally suited for off-grid use. Therefore the legends on the home page do not totally match the application.  E-gauge is working on improvements in this area.  The images linked to this page indicate what the colored regions and lines indicate.
  3. In an off-grid application, the power consumed should equal the battery charging from generator plus charging from renewable sources minus efficiency losses.  The e-gauge does not have a ready method for metering renewable charging energy but it is planned for future versions.
  4. The system is capable of sub-metering additional circuits.  If your device is setup as such, you should see check boxes for these circuits below the display graph.
  5. The display has orange range settings.  I suggest these be left in the Auto mode.

One concept for an ideal off-grid display.

Types of power systems.

What makes the shading?



Can we make more meaningful E-Gauge displays for off-grid clients using the standard interface?


Can we make more meaningful E-Gauge displays for off-grid clients using the mobile interface?


Do we need DC CTs to really make this work?


What about DC shunts?


How to calculate energy of sub-metered circuits


Dialg box asking if you want to erase data should not have "Cancel" as an option.


PowerTrack V E-gauge for large scale systems?


What is a 5A ct?