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Customer Support

ON-SITE SUPPORT: If you have a problems with your system, our shop is located in San Luis Obispo County so we are central to Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties and we can respond quickly. Our service vehicles are four-wheel drive and well equipped to solve most technical problems in one trip. Below is a picture of some of our crew and vehicles after a concrete pour (excuse our casual attire!).
TRAINING: We provide free training to all of our customers on the use of their solar equipment. Manufacturer provided manuals are not written to our standards so we provide supplemental training materials and operational checklists. See below for samples. (Click for a larger image. We have blurred the samples to protect proprietary information.)
Sample checklilst
Sample checklist
DOCUMENTATION: All of our installations are accompanied by a binder that includes all of the manufacturer's manuals, our supplemental manuals, circuit drawings, site maps and specifications. This helps you understand your system and us to trouble-shoot efficiently.

TELEPHONE SUPPORT: We maintain digital files of all system documentation and photographs of all of our installations in our office and in all of our service vehicles. We can trouble-shoot (and sometimes repair) many problems by coaching you on what buttons to press or displays to read, right over the telephone. And, if you hire us to install your system, telephone support is free for the lifetime of the system.