Installing Solar Electric Since 1983


Design Services

We can help answer the pertinent questions as you decide the merits of a solar electric system or prepare for the eventuality of it’s construction

If you are unsure of the merits of installing a solar electric system, we can help determine the feasibility of the project and help quantify the cost of the infrastructure to help in your decision

If you are constructing a home or business, we can help you plan for and install infrastructure now that can avoid infrastructure costs when time for installation of the system arrives

Below are the general steps in the design cycle, from conception to completion:

Feasibility Studies


a. Is there adequate sun exposure?
b. Is the existing electrical system adequate to handle interconnection with a solar electric system?
c. Is the building or terrain suitable to hold the solar modules?
d. What size system is appropriate?

Pre-Contract Site and Building Analysis:


a. Analyze roof area for size, orientation, shading and mounting systems.
b. Evaluate electrical system for sizing of conductors, breaker panels and service equipment.
c. Should additional conduits be added during preliminary construction? Are existing conduits sized correctly?
d. Is a pre-wire required?

Design Phase:

a. Physical layout of equipment.
b. Assure of National Electric Code Compliance.
c. Determine sizing of infrastructure, including service equipment, conduits, wire and sub-panel.
d. Determine if structural engineering is required.
e. Apply knowledge of local building jurisdictions to ensure compliance with specific requirements.

Cost analysis:

a. Site survey will reveal logistic difficulties.
b. Provide list of required equipment for vendors.
c. Provide specifications and drawings for bidding contractors.
d. Cost of design would be included in cost of any installation bid. If the design is already accomplished, that money is saved at time of installation.