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Problems with membrane roof

Below are photos documenting problems with a new membrane roof installed in 2022 in Santa Barbara County. Below the membrane is fiber board, sheet rock, plywood sheeting, 1-1/4 T&G and the living space. This roof has experienced several episodes of becoming moist under the membrane, requiring a complete tear off and re-roof. Each sharp object left on the roof could get stepped on or have materials stacked on top of it and cause a roof leak. Each unsealed stanchion left for months could admit rainwater and suck in moist air every evening.

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Missing flashing.

Nuts and bolts.

Rivets, screws and sheet metal.


Rusty razor knife blade.


Unfinished flashing.


Screws and debris.

Screws, half-assed sealed stanchion, unsealed stanchion.

Screws and nails.

Sealed plumbing vent, unsealed solar stanchion.

Sharp-edged flashing digging into membrane.

Metal conduit scrap, sheet metal scrap.

Unsealed stanchion.

Unsealed stanchion.

Water Pooling, unsealed stanchions.

Water Pooling, unsealed stanchions.

Posts for 2022. Each post is a potential leak point if left unsealed.

Proposed solar panels for 2022.