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The role of Building Officials in Ensuring
Safe Solar Electric Installations

When solar electric installers and homeowners first began installing solar electric systems, PV voltages rarely exceeded 24 volts DC. With the advent of grid-tied "string" techology, solar electric system DC Voltages routinely approach 600 volts. This is a new realm with safety implications that we believe are not fully appreciated by building officials. It is our goal to provided education on code and safety issues for these reasons:
1. We feel the industry and the public will both benefit if we proactively work to prevent the injuries and deaths that can be caused by electrical system failures.
2. Our company policy is to provide safe reliable solar electric installations and we want to compete in an arena where all contractors are bound by the same ethical constraints.

Areas of involvement for Building Officials.

We feel there are two areas in which local building officials can participate to help ensure that safe practices are adhered to: Plan Check and Site Inspections. We have created a web page for each area in which we provide advice and check lists to assist building officials in reviewing solar elelctric installations. We have 24 years in the industry and we attend every training and seminar we can find to educate ourselves. We are honored to share that information with building officials. We welcome any input to improve this site.
Web Pages:
Plan Check
Site Inspections