Installing Solar Electric Since 1983


All Conduited PV Wiring

In the good old days PV modules were provided with junction boxes having trade-sized knock-outs. This allowed us to use standard off-the-shelf electrical parts to completely enclose dangerous wiring. High demand from Europe along with lax standards allowed this superior system to be discontinued. Even when junction boxes were available, few installers used them properly. Below are photos of how we used to install solar.

This is a low profile system with all conduited wiring. The conduit used is non-metallic liquid tight (NMLT).

At right is a two-tier DPW rack on barrel tile roof. The installation is complete and ready for the rack to be tilted down parallel with the roof.
After the NMLT is installed, wet-rated building wire is pulled and connected to the terminals on the back of the modules.
The NMLT conduits are easy to build. Most electricians disassemble the connectors but this is not necessary. Simply loosen the back shell, insert entire connector into a socket on a cordless drill and drive the connector on the conduit. Disassemble a sampling of connectors to ensure accuracy of procedure.