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Installing String Wiring in PVC Conduit

String wiring systems usually involve "daisy-chaining" wiring from one module to the next and then delivering the "home-runs" to the inverter. A system needed to be developed to secure and protect the inter-module wiring.

Here a module is connected and ready to lay down onto a "top-down" racking system. The installer has begun insertion of the cable slack into a plastic conduit section. As the module is lowered the cables will be fed into the conduit until all slack is secured.
The end of the run. The small black connector is an MC4 bulkhead connector. It is on the back of a weatherproof box. The conduits come from the other end of the string and go to the inverter below.
Another view of the PV termination box. The box is attached to the ever-useful Enphase box bracket.
The underside of the PV modules. All cables are secure in place without fear that plastic ties will fail and cables will sag. Note stainless hose clamp holding the PVC conduit in place. The clamp will last as long as the system.