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Soladeck Roof Penetration system

The Soladeck is a superior product for PV roof penetration. We endorse it and use it on composition shingle roof installations.

Soladeck Manufacturer's Product Brochure

As always, our policy is to avoid loose high voltage wiring. Studies prove that plastic cable ties do not last, eventually allowing high voltage wires to hang onto your roof.

From the Soladeck, we protect wiring in EMT conduit to the rack. From the bottom of the rack, we protect wiring in Non-metallic Liquid-tight flex up to the center of the rack. In the center of the rack we locate our exclusive PV wire Transition Boxes. No unnecessary splices or plastic cable ties are used. This results in a superior, safer, more reliable installation.

3/4" Emt from soladeck to lower edge of rack.
Side view of same.
View below rack. No loose wires here.
Finished product.