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Ballasted systems present their own set of wire management problems. Modules wired in landscape are hard to wire because lead lengths are too short. Ballasted systems are open for foot traffic, presenting more ways for PV cables to be damaged.

Layout of ground-mounted ballasted PV racking. Product is Dyno-Raxx.


Home-run comes in from the lower right. In the back of the junction box is a bulkhead-mount MC connector. Inside the home-run conduit is standard THWN building wire. PV cables plug into MC connectors and immediately enter conduit sleeves.

Here are instructions for slotting PVC pipe.

Wire termination

PV cables are routed in columns, not rows, allowing the factory provided cables to be of adequate length. The collars are made of slotted 1" PVC. The PV cables are slipped into slotted 1-1/4" PVC which is covered by a slotted 1-1/2" PVC snapped over it. The cover PVC pipes are PVC resistant but are also painted with UV resistant paint.

Wire under the modules