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With the advent of the micro-inverter, roof-top wiring has become more complicated. Most installers will use plastic cable ties to bundle the AC and DC leads to the rail. The ties will fail in a few years, allowing all of that wiring to drape onto abrasive roof surfaces. We will not use plastic ties on a roof. Here is one technique we have developed specifically for micro-inverter systems.

Above is the discontinued bracket. Anyone have surplus?


The photo at right shows the usefulness of the bracket. You can mount it offset and use the back hub of your box.

Here are instructions for slotting PVC pipe.

bracket in use

The rail is prepared with the micro-inverters, conduit and ground wire installed. The AC leads have all been connected together.

The PV leads are prepared by taping a loop into them. Once in place the loops are allowed to expand to a more gradual radius.

The #4 bare ground has been pre-bent to lie in the correct position ready to lay into the approved lugs.

Ground wire secured in the lugs. Wire loops extend beyond the conduits

View under one module.

View under a row of modules.

The J-box. The AC pig-tail is spliced in here along with an "irreversible" ground splice.

Finished product. They all look like this from the top, but our installation is clean, safe and reliable under the hood, where it counts.