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Issues related to PVĀ Wiring

Wiring of PV systems is a fine point of installation. Hazards can be created by poor wiring or avoided by correct wiring procedures. Miller Solar has been an innovator in wiring methods. Below are some examples of industry trends versus how we prefer to handle a variety of wiring problems.
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Problem: An alarming trend in the industry has been to install high voltage PV wiring without protection as shown at the right. Learn more.

Solution 1: Install PV wiring completely enclosed in conduit. Learn more.

Solution 2: Secure PV wiring with stainless hardware. Learn more.

Solution 3: Secure PV wiring in PVC tubing. Learn more.

Solution 4: Micro-inverter wire management. Learn more.

Solution 5: Wire routing in ballasted systems. Learn more.

Ballasted wire routing

Solution 6: Ground mount wire shielding. Learn more.